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Martin Spamer

- Information Technology Consultant

- Software Architect

- Software Engineer

- Development Process Mentor & Coach

Welcome to the website of Martin Spamer; I'm a Yorkshire based Software Architect and Software Engineer and Development Coach you will my CV, biography, some family Genealogy information, friends & my hobby; Extreme Off roading with Hull 4x4, where I also run the websites for Hull 4x4 club & North Yorkshire 4x4 club.

I work as an Information Technology Consultant, Software Architect, Software Engineer, Coach and Mentor through my Company WiCast (UK) Limited. I am based in Kingston upon Hull and operate Yorkshire wide. I have expertise in Software Engineering, Iterative & Agile Software Development methodologies, SCRUM, RUP (Rational Unified Process), Continuous Integration, Enterprise Integration, New Media & Web Technology, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), UML (Unified Modelling Language UML), Object Oriented Design patterns, WiFi, 802.11g, UDP, Multicast, IPTV, VOD and DTV.

I currently working on an free and open source WiFi Multicast project and you can find out more about this project at Wicast.net.

I've worked with the British Library on digital preservation, eBuyer on eCommerce, Search engine optimisation, customer profiling and SOA, Damart on ESB & SOA and systems integration. Kingston Communication on DTV (Digital Television), VOD (Video on Demand) & IPTV (Internet Television).

Martin Spamer on LinkedIn Martin Spamer on the Portland Pattern Repository at C2.com Martin Spamer at Wizard with Smartbear's SOAPUI. Martin Spamer is my OpendId.

Martin Spamer

Martin Kevin Spamer Biography & Genealogy

Spamer is pronounced [spa-mer] with the 'spa' as in Spain and 'mer' as in mermaid.

I was born in Kinston upon Hull to Eileen Mckenna and Keith Spamer, I have two younger brothers Andrew and Richard. I grew up on Ings Road estate and attended Lambwath and Malet Lambert Schools. I studied Computer Studies at Hull College of Further Education and Computer Science at Staffordshire University (originally North Staffordshire Polytechnic).

If you are here researching Spamer Genealogy, feel free to contact me by email, Martin (at) this domain.

My Name

Yes, Spamer is my real name. Yes, Spamer is my family surname,
Yes, mis-using it does irritate me,

Yes, it has caused me no end of grief on the internet,
Yes, I've heard all the wise cracks many times before,

No, I don't find them funny,
No, I refuse to be bullied into using an alias.

So if you want to get into my good books, get over it; call the other stuff junk email, Unsolicited Commercial email or Unsolicited Bulk email. .


I've known Andrew Sutton since we house shared as students at Staffordshire University(then North Staffordshire Polytechnic) where we studied Computer Science. Andy recently returned from living and working in Sri Lanka and Morocco and his blog makes for interesting reading.

I met Simon Corfield (aka Garf) and Shaun Blackmore through Andy.

I known Nick Redshaw from when we worked together at Kingston Communications on the Kingston Interactive Television the worlds first IPTV system to go live. You can read more about Kingston Interactive Television.


You can find the latest version of my ArgoUML UML Pattern Catalog at Tigris.

I've created a UML Profile for a Service Oriented Architecture for use with Sparx Enterprise Architect, Right Click Download SOA-Profile and Save-As. In Enterprise Architect select Resources -> UML Profile -> Import Profile. Once loaded into EA you can apply apply the stereotype from the profile to your design.

You can find more information about UML & Patterns in my Wiki.


Software Architecture, Engineering & Development

Critical thinking, insight

Book Reviews

The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

***** A study about randomness and uncertainty, an excellent insight into how we deceive ourselves.

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

***** Brilliant, excellent, I can't think of enough superlatives to describe this book, an all time classic.

Counter Knowledge: How We Surrendered to Conspiracy Theories, Quack Medicine, Bogus Science and Fake History

**** An impressive addition to the library of any Sceptic it describes how fringe memes gain traction with the general public.

A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

**** Modern Classic, a brilliant introduction to theoretical physicists written in an easy to understand acceable way.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

**** A great follow up book on Design Patterns.

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions

***** Excellent coverage of the design patterns required to produce a Service Oriented Architecture.

Design patterns : elements of reusable object-oriented software

***** The benchmark book on UML Design patterns.

Hull 4x4

Hull 4x4 is an offroad club for people living in and around Hull. We enjoy extreme offroading so if you fancy a dirty weekend offroading, green laning, quary bashing in 4x4 vehicles the visit Hull 4x4 club website. I'm also a member of Humber Yorks 4x4 Response team.

Hull 4x4 people and sites

Hull 4x4 for our Forum, chat and more photos.

Hollym 4x4 home of Tony's Stranger Rover and more off-roading.

Keyingham 4x4.

4x4 Galleries

4x4 Off road picture gallery by Martin Spamer

4x4 Off road video gallery by Martin Spamer

My first Hull 4x4 Video, extreme offroading at Frickley.

Hull 4x4 Gallery by Dave Kirby.

Hull 4x4 at Kirton November 2006 Video.

Hull 4x4 at OktoberFrik 2006 Video.

4x4 Offroad Sites

frickley 4x4 off road.

Cowm Leisure off road centre

Kirton Off Road Centre

Northern Counties Green Laners.

Nation 4x4 and Off-roading organisations

National 4X4 Response Network.

UK National Green Lane Association.

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