Risk Factors in Software Development

Risk Types

Requirements Risk

  • Do we fully understand the requirements ?
  • Are the requirements adequately documented ?

Skills Risk

  • Do we have the skills in house?
  • Can we train the skills
  • Can we recruit the skills ?
  • Are the skills common and mundane or rare and unusual ?

Technology Risk

  • We've used the technology before and know it works
  • It is well regard industry wide and well know & respected, it is mature
  • Technology is immature, i.e. V1.0
  • Technology is bespoke
  • Technology is pre-release, pre-standard, untested. Does the technology work.

Political Risk

  • Expectations
  • Cancellation
  • Economic

Risk Levels

  • High Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Low Risk

Impact Levels

  • High Impact
  • Medium Impact
  • Low Impact


  • Highly Likely
  • Medium
  • Low

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