Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

  1. TCP is a connection oriented protocol. The meaning for connection establishment is that client and server make sure there identity to each other through a well define 3 way handshake.
  2. During handshake they ensure there data handling capacity by sending there Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size to each other.
  3. Both client and server send there packet sequence number to each other.
  4. TCP ensure the reliable data transfer through acknowledge.For each and every packet there send an acknowledge.
  5. It is always recommended to use TCP for huge and reliable data transfer.
  6. The packet will always take a single route to reach the destination, there will not be any duplicate packets reach the destination.
  7. The possibility of duplication in TCP is, if a packet caught in a loop before reaching the destination due to some intermediate router or path problem, so it can't reach the destination in the estimated RTT(Round trip time) that packet will be retransmitted and the packet in loop also reach the destination.Here destination have duplicate packets. TCP handles duplication well.

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