Criticism of Software Design and Architecture Patterns

The concept of Design Datterns is often criticised[]. However that criticism is founded in ignorance or internet crankdom. To criticises the 'concept' of patterns is as asinine as criticising the 'concept' of solutions. Software Design and Architecture Patterns are solutions. Solutions documentation in relativity consistent way within a Catalogue.

Individual patterns may be wrong, poor or not optimal for the problem at hand. However that doesn't makes the concept of patterns wrong, they are anti-patterns or poor solution. If anything this situations justifies the concept of patterns further, since a good pattern catalogue will document the situations where the Pattern is appropriate and where it is an anti-pattern.

A Pattern Catalogue may be poor, the documentation badly laid out or incomplete, but this is also poor grounds for criticism of the concept of patterns. It is sometimes said that design patterns are a sign of missing language features. While perhaps true this is not a criticism of the concept of patterns.

Patterns are also criticised as nothing new, it is true enough that the often cited example of Model-View-Controller existed well before most patterns catalogue were created but that is not grounds to document a valid design approach. The fact that MVC is used repeatedly and successfully is grounds enough to justify it's inclusion in the documentation / literature of well known solutions, aka Pattern Catalogues.

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