SCRUM Development Process

Scrum roles

  • Scrum Master who maintains the processes (typically in lieu of a project manager)
  • Product Owner or Champion represents the business stakeholders
  • Team Member the multi-skilled group who do the actual analysis, design, implementation, deployment, testing and operation.

Scrum events

  • Sprint planning (Grooming) decide what parts of the product backlog move into the sprint backlog.
  • Daily scrum each team meets daily standup meeting.
  • Scrum of Scrums allows team leaders to scrum.
  • Sprint review & retrospective deliver progress and condider improvement to product and the process.

Daily stand up meeting (The Scrum)

  • What was done yesterday (The Good).
  • What will be done today (The Bad).
  • What road blocks are preventing progress (The Actions).

Sprint Planning

Sprint Review

Sprint Show & Tell

  • What we achiived.


  • What went well?
    • How can we do more of it?
  • What didn't go so well?
    • How can we avoid or do less of this in future?
  • What are we going to do about what we learnt. Actions.



  • Technology
  • Functional Requirement
  • Architecture

SCRUM Smells

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