Service Oriented Architecture Overview

A service oriented architecture is an approach to the construction of a software system through the integration of loosely coupled software components called services. A Service is a discrete Software Component capable of providing specific discrete business functionality.

A consumer service sends a request to a service provider. The service provider returns a response to the consumer service containing the expected results.

Service Contract

It applies the software engineering principle of Loose Coupling and High Cohesion to the overall Architecture of a Software system. It decouple integration from the implementation.

The Software systems need to be flexible and responsive to constantly changing highly competitive business environments.

A service-oriented architecture is a collection of services, often provided by heterogeneous platforms. These services communicate with each other using messages, typically using middle ware called an Enterprise Service Bus. The communication can involve either simple data passing or it could involve two or more services coordinating some activity in a process called orchestration.

Service-oriented architectures is is the latest evolution of EIS, CORBA and DCOM.

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